Be careful on those corners

February 17, 2012 — 8 Comments

Tonight is the second time this year that I’ve come off my bicycle because of oily or icy roads.

It’s hard to see both and taking a corner a little too fast and a little too aggressively, will result in you losing traction and hitting the ground. I can tell you it hurts very much. So be careful out on the streets at the moment.


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8 responses to Be careful on those corners

  1. Sorry to hear about the dive. Do you find you ever get out of the clip-ons? I dread the day I take a spill and stay stuck in the pedals :(.

  2. Looks like the dreaded white line

  3. How come in the slow mo, you sound like a transformer?

    GWS BTW.

  4. Ouch! I noticed that you have a very bright back light, which one do you use?

  5. Ouch. I’ve just done the same thing today. Going past some cars, slipped on something and a car ran over my foot (not the driver’s fault, just how I fell). Luckily nothing seems broken – just gained a few cuts and bruises and a hole in my jeans. Did reinforce to me how vulnerable we are on the roads, though, even when cars are just crawling along in traffic.

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