We can fit Olympic Lanes into London’s Roads

Olympic Lanes have been popping up all over London, the aim is for them to get Olympic officials and athletes across London in a timely fashion. To do this they have taken away road space from other road users and created lanes which only Olympic vehicles can use.

TFL are advising people to avoid using the roads in London throughout the Olympics due to the expected congestion.

We can somehow take away road space for these olympic lanes but we can’t take away road space for cycle lanes. As was pointed out on As Easy As Riding A Bike, the physical constraints of London’s roads are few and far between.

I was confused by the actions of Boris Johnson in early 2011 when he completed removed a huge section of the congestion charge zone. I would have thought the sensible action would be to increase it, to dissuade people from using private 4 wheeled vehicles in the capital.

If we make driving in London undesirable by making it slow, have less space and expensive. Then we can improve the quality of London for everyone. There will be less traffic, less pollution and fewer people injured. However I fear it is not going to be that simple, this sort of change will require a huge overhaul in the thinking of TFL and Londoners.

Do modern cars make it ok to close pass cyclists?

Rule 163 of the highway code seriously needs updating. These days cars are much safer than this silly pamphlet would suggest. Even basic cars today have ABS and power steering as standard. These camera cyclists exploit and twist rule 163 to get drivers into trouble, and of couse to make YouTube videos. In this day and age, for cars traveling 40mph or less, I think 1 foot, or say half a meter from the bikes handlebars is more than enough space for a safe pass. The UK roads are for everybody.