No one should be punished for SMIDSY

so much going on especially driving in a busy city centre that smidsy is unavoidable. Imagine a car driver, looking at traffic ahead, signage, pedestrians, lights, and then undertaking bikes on the left… Its alot and no one should be punished for smidsy.

That is the opinion that Pentdad posted on one of my videos. The incident in question is a fairly generic SMIDSY in the form of a lane change. It isn’t clear in the video but i was forced to brake quite a bit to avoid being side swiped by the rear of the vehicle.

Whilst I would not wish for a driver to get banned for a SMIDSY, at present people do get punished for SMIDSY’s and those people are cyclists and motorcyclists. Road users need to be aware that 2 wheelers are harder to spot but not impossible, take your time and you will see them.

The Hardest Part of Cycling?

According to youtube userĀ stomekz, who posted this on Episode 21 of Silly Cyclists, the hardest part of cycling is

hardest part of cycling is telling your parent that your gay

I think this sentence says a lot about the poster, the grammar is rather poor and he seems to know what the sexuality is of every cyclists. He appears to be using the word to describe anything which he dislikes or is opposed to, rather childish.