A nice TV Advert that is scheduled to air in Scotland on 07.05.12 in Scotland.
Whilst the room is acceptable for those speeds, remember the faster other vehicles are going, the more space they need to leave.


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6 responses to Give Me Cycle Space Advert

  1. Only problem is the diagram at the end makes it look as if you can drive within a foot or less of a child cyclist. Not cool. They should have said something like 1.5m or even 3 feet… at the very least.

  2. I agree, looks like you should leave a single arm distance.
    Im not sure if this is what they intended, I would hope that they meant to leave the full arm span.
    Poorly illustrated campaign if you ask me.

  3. TheVexatiouslitigant May 5, 2012 at 1:33 am

    as per YouTube comment:
    Another misleading message! The car’s clearance looked good, but let’s see how good it looked if the car skimmed the children’s hands like the ad suggest is safe. Let’s see it in a 40mph zone!
    Good drivers will give the clearance shown by the car
    Bad drivers will feel justified in skimming the child’s hands
    Get rid of this ad before it results in the death of a cyclist! Then do a put right ad to correct this one!

  4. This advert is crazy with totally unacceptable distances for cyclists of any age or ability. Did any cycling campaigners get a say in its production? If so I despair.

  5. Oh on second viewing it’s the WHOLE space she is indicating and not just the length of her right arm. Sorry.

  6. This ad was brought to you by John Griffin.

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