Helmet Hero!

February 29, 2012 — 13 Comments

We all need a hero in our life, even if it isn’t Spiderman or the Hulk from Marvel. Does cycling need a Helmet Hero?



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Gaz is one of the well known cyclists in a growing community of those using cameras. With over 34,000 Youtube subscribers and more than 9,8000,000 online video views, his channels and videos are among some of the most popular of their kind. Gaz has spoken on Radio, TV and in national cycling campaigns about the use of cameras and the power of videos.

13 responses to Helmet Hero!

  1. Version 2: AirZound hero!

  2. Obligatory post about veracity of claim at end of video that helmets may one day save your life, verses claims that helmets induce a false sense of safety and displaces responsibility away from vehicular users to adapt their driving methods in favour of more vulnerable road users

  3. Nice to see that the culture of victim blaming is alive, well and thinking up new strategies.

  4. Only $1000 to demean himself like that? What a bargain for the promoters!

  5. Just viewed the vid, well I thought what a load of rubbish the guys isn’t even trying 2 give away the helmets, but I realised what he was doing…….lol
    Understand the ms, personally I think everybody who rides on our roads should be required to wear a crash helmet..

    • Please do tell us which helmets are capable of deflecting motor vehicles.
      While you’re at it, please provide unequivocal evidence that cycle helmets are beneficial.

  6. Where was this skinny f***er when the drunk driver shot through a school playground? Or when someone veered off the road at a cycle club screaming “GET OFF THE F***ING ROAD YOU A**HOLE!”

    Gah. It makes you sick. If these “foundations” had the same level of input into prevention as they did with body armour projects you wouldn’t need the bleedin things in the first place.

    Next up, he’s visiting a high school to hand out bullet proof jackets in case there’s a teen shoot-out. If it saves just one life… (goes back to bed)

  7. Weird. If I saw him I’d take one because, well, it’s free, haha! I particularly loved the woman who took a free helmet then put it in her basket!

    I come from Australia where cycle helmets are COMPULSARY (the police can and will stop to fine you). We had ninja turtles and jet pilots on the TV screaming “heroes wear helmets” at us all when the law first came into force…

    • Now that I think about it, I think we got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles helmet ads in Canada too. Also they gave us Spider-Man comics at school and at police stations that had a bike-safety comic section in each issue

  8. I think that suits me fine. *Lectures other cyclists about helmets*

  9. Gah, such a deluded fool. (the guy in the video that is)

  10. Just saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXIpuOlKhDE

    He does “Helmet Hero” as #358 @ 3m01s into the video.

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