My cycling related youtube channels recently hit 1 million video views. That makes me the most watched video camera cyclist to date on youtube. My main channel currently has 1,700 subscribers and Silly Cyclists has over 800.

It’s strange to me how I got so popular, I’ve not had the media appearances that others have had, the high-profile incident or been around as long as others. Silly Cyclists makes up less than 20% of the total video views.

I don’t really advertise my channel. At least not any more, I posted the odd video on the various cycling forums I visit but I found this to be a waste of time, too many people didn’t like what I was doing and gave me a lot of ‘hate’ for it.

I guess a big part has been my involvement in reporting videos to Road Safe London and making videos about the Superhighways / Barclays Cycle Hire. These were posted on the posted on some high-profile blogs. This got my channel some major views and a lot more subscribers.

I’ve obviously had my fair share of dodgy drivers, especially taxi drivers, as I said before I don’t think I’ve had any major incidences which have drawn in lots of views, just lots of videos which have more than 1,000 views.

I’d like to be able to say that I’ve achieved something on the way to getting 1,000,000 views. I’ve done what I’ve done and I’m happy with it. I know that some have said i’ve influenced them to get cameras, just as the likes of magnatom, cyclingmikey and bbborp (to name a few) influenced me to start. I’ve had people asking me if I can train them to cycle on the road and people informing me that they have re-looked at their own cycling style after watching Silly Cyclists.

Things I’ve done so far due to blogging and making videos

  • 1 driver prosecuted for careless driving
  • Met with the project manager of the superhighways to talk over design features
  • Tested a Boris Bike several months before release
  • Countless drivers contacted by the police because of their bad driving
  • Countless companies contacted about their good drivers
  • Countless companies contacted about their bad drivers
  • talked on the radio several times about cameras, silly cyclists etc..
  • Met with the officers behind Road Safe London, Cycle Task Force and Exchanging places

The British Cycling Economy

The London School of Economics has posted a report with details on how cycling affects the british economy. The PDF was supported by Sky and British Cycling.

The report is certainly an interesting read and the image posted to the left shows the key data in a nice way. It’s interesting to note that everything cycling related is in nice bright colours and the small section about rising fuel costs, traffic jams and pollution is in black and white.

The key points

  • £2.9 billion spent by cyclists in 2010
  • Over £853 million spent on accessories in 2010
  • 23,000 jobs in cycling generating over £500 million in wages.
  • 3.7 million bikes sold in 2010 but only £51 million where British built bicycles out of £1.62 billion total.
It’s refreshing to see an article posted about how good cycling is, not just for health benefits.