Video Footage is Not Evidence

With more and more road users using video equipment to record their journeys in case of an accident, it is important to have a little bit of understanding of what is involved when using it to prove what happened. A section of video footage only shows what happened during that section of time. I’ve had… More Video Footage is Not Evidence

FPN for Careless Driving

Yesterday it was announced that there is a plan to allow police to issue on the Fixed Penalty Fines (FPN) to road users who driver dangerously, carelessly and inconsiderately. The fines will be issued for doing such things as tailgating, undertaking and cutting up other road users.¬†They are certainly welcomed but will they have an… More FPN for Careless Driving

Driving whilst on the phone

In 3 days of cycle commuting last week, i saw nearly 10 drivers using there mobile phone whilst being in control of a moving vehicle. This is a real pet hate of mine, and anyone i see doing so is named and shamed on youtube and more than likely the footage is passed onto the… More Driving whilst on the phone