Good result for dangerous driving?

Fined £400 + £85 costs and 6 penalty points applied to their license. A good result for some pretty dangerous driving? The fine is pretty substantial compared to some of the other cases I’ve seen about dangerous drivers bullying other road users. This fine was how ever for failing to nominate a driver. The registered… More Good result for dangerous driving?

Why are cyclists using video cameras?

I’ve spent a few weeks off the bike due to my injury so I spent some time looking back at what I had recorded and decided to make a video that highlights some of the worst drivers I have experience. I’ve certainly had some interesting moments with drivers in London but lets not get disillusioned… More Why are cyclists using video cameras?

FPN for Careless Driving

Yesterday it was announced that there is a plan to allow police to issue on the Fixed Penalty Fines (FPN) to road users who driver dangerously, carelessly and inconsiderately. The fines will be issued for doing such things as tailgating, undertaking and cutting up other road users. They are certainly welcomed but will they have an… More FPN for Careless Driving

Video Camera Cyclists

Cyclists all over the world are taking to using video cameras as they go about there rides. Be them mounted on their helmets or on the bicycle, the cameras prove to be invaluable as they show what life is like as a cyclist across the globe. Below i’ve listed all the video camera cyclists that… More Video Camera Cyclists