Ungrateful Bastards

January 6, 2012 — 2 Comments

Received this comment on one of my videos.

Us cyclists are freeing up space on the road by cycling instead of driving! If we all drove instead, nobody would be able to get anywhere, or at least it would take them a lot longer. Considering how impatient a lot of car drivers are, they should be thanking us! Ungrateful bastards 🙂


Haha, made me chuckle. If only they where thanking us!


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2 responses to Ungrateful Bastards

  1. It’s a popular sentiment, and true as well. It’s even made it onto t-shirts – http://1lesscar.com/

  2. I had this thought the other day 🙂 Another interesting way to look at it is illustrated pretty well here showing the space needed to transport 60 people by car, bike and bus: http://www.dailycognition.com/content/image/20/space-needed-to-transport-60-people.jpg

    Heck it could even be expaned to public transport users as we are also freeing up space for them to sit/stand 😉

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