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My choice of video camera has always been the ContourHD. A 1080p camera mounted on my helmet using the Contour vented helmet mount and a 720p camera mounted to my rear seat post using a 3 piece RAM kit.

I run my 1080p camera in 960p mode to get a wider and taller image. The rear 720p camera runs in 720p mode.

The rear mount uses RAM parts RAM-B-231ZRAM-B-237U and RAM-B-201U

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  1. Hi, watched your videos for a while now and have just got myself the contour HD. I had a little ride out with the helmet mount today but, boy, was the footage wobbly! ( looked a bit like riding a bike in an earthquake). What suggestions would you have for stabilising the helmet mount to minimise vibration?. Soft foam padding under helmet mount maybe?.

    • Make sure that the helmet mount has 2 good points of contact on the helmet and then do the straps up nice and tight. There can be a slight problem with pin that holds the tilting part of the mount in place. If you can see the pin popping out then that is a problem. Push it back in with a knife or a thin key. Your helmet also needs to be a good fit on your head. If that wobbles then you will never get a good picture.

  2. I’m looking to getting a second camera, my current one cost just £40 from Ebay and battery life is bad, but does me fine for my daily commute. How long would a single charge last on the Contour? My longest leisure ride is normally just under 2 hours, or 4 hours for the BHF L2B.
    4ChordsNoNet (Peter)

    • You might just squeeze 4 hours out of it.
      You can change the settings so it records at a lower bitrate and you can replace the battery, although you have to buy an extra one that fits.

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