A Good Result for Video Camera Cyclists

If you watch lots of cycling videos then you will know that lots of us have had various confrontations with drivers over the years and had varying degrees of success/failure with the police.

Our very own cycling lawyer has been working hard at getting a result on an incident which happened well over a year ago now. He was cycling down a road and up ahead was a pinch point, so as taught in national standards cycle training, he took control of the lane to prevent a motorist for passing him far too closely. Unfortunately a motorist behind him who’s valuable 5 seconds was just waisted by having to slow down, felt the need to sound his horn and shout at the cyclist. Further down the road the car driver was of course  held up by other motorists and at this point the motorist felt the need to threaten to take the cyclists life.

Well a long story short, the police fobed of our cyclist with his video footage but he didn’t give up, he fought his case and eventually got the driver punished for threatening or abusive words or behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress. This resulted in him receiving over a £500 fine. Read more >

It is no doubt a great result and I’m applaud Martin for his hard work and determination to get a result. I just wish that it wasn’t required and that other threatening behaviour with a vehicle was taken more seriously. As I’ve said before it seems that the roads are un-policed and some people deem that cyclists deserve to be punished for daring to get in the way of such a powerful machine.

2 thoughts on “A Good Result for Video Camera Cyclists

  1. Would have been nice if the police had dealt with it properly the first time rather then for Martin to have to chase for so long. It’s a pretty clear cut case after all!

    Hopefully if this incident can get covered outside of the cycling press then some more motorists might see it and actually think twice about abusing a cyclists just on the off chance they may be caught on camera.

  2. Amazing work! You could make one slip-up by making a bad joke on Twitter and find yourself in the High Courts but when it comes to a direct threat the police just want to let it go. Glad he got something for it but a shame the driver was back on the road again, hopefully thinking twice about how he drives around a cyclist. I have a stack of those poorly thought out squeeze points on my commute and I have suffered from angry drivers around them – either racing to get there before me or trying to get me out of the way when passing through.

    I wonder what the driver would have got if he drove up to another car, drove dangerously close to them and shouted out they were going to kill the driver? I can imagine it would be much worse.

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