A new way to tell drivers off for being on the phone!

I probably wouldn’t have uploaded this if I didn’t see the coppers as the camera doesn’t catch the driver on the phone whilst moving in the car. But the driver did admit to using his phone whilst driving for a brief moment.

Great timing by the local police officers!

3 thoughts on “A new way to tell drivers off for being on the phone!

  1. I saw the post “You’re looking for trouble”, and I have to admit you have a point.

    But this kind of behavior is unnecessary. I make mistakes myself, riding my bike, motorbike or by car.

    Let the police to make their job. I’m sure, is not funny to get stopped at the suggestion of another driver.

    1. Driving whilst using a mobile phone is not a mistake, it’s a decision people choose to make and the consiquences can mean death to other road users. There is a reason why it is against the law.
      I would do exactly the same if this situation was to repeat.

  2. All members of society are equally responsible for upholding and ensuring lawful behaviour – hence jury service, being a witness, not “standing idly by” etc.. You cannot abrogate this responsiblity by saying that the Police, solely, should be doing this and that if you witness someone breaking the law you have no involvement in making sure they are apprehended and held accountable. Not in a First World country, anyway, IM(H)O.

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