Croydon Cyclist is run by Gaz, who is quiet obviously a cyclist from Croydon. Croydon is the largest bough in London by population and 13th largest district in England by population. Not many people in Croydon cycle and any facilities that have been put in are sub-standard. Because of these two factors, cycling in Croydon can be quiet difficult, with aggressive drivers and poor road conditions.

Because of this I started using a video camera whilst cycling to show my story as I ride for pleasure and to get to work. From there I started to campaign about cycling in London and this blog is where I write about my experiences on and off the road.

I’ve cycled since I was a child, for me it was a form of freedom from my parents. Living in Croydon has it upsides, it has over 200 parks and open green spaces which means there are lots of places to cycle and I lived near to one of them. I spent a lot of my youth in the saddle exploring the woods and trails in some of Croydon’s biggest parks.

I did little cycling whilst I was at University, there was little need as i lived near to the city centre and the campus. I started again after I left University and got a job in central London. My commute works out to be between 13-17 miles depending on the route, taking the car is unrealistic in London, it takes too long and the parking fees are too high. Taking public transport is less than ideal, it’s expensive, crowded, time consuming and is unreliable. The only option is to travel by bike, it’s the quickest, most fun and it eliminates the need for a gym membership.