Abus Granit 53 London with Cobra Cable

A fantastic lock and cable combination that will allow you to secure your frame and both the wheels.

The d-lock comes with a Gold rating from Sold Secure, the highest rating possible, and with a 12 rating out of 15 from Abus. It’s a good solid d-lock that is suitable for locking in all locations. The shackle is made from 13mm hardened steel, the lock system is an advanced powercell double locking mechanism with Abus plus locking cylinder, it feels very solid and well made.

Cobra Cable

As with all d-locks it comes with a way for mounting the lock to the bicycle and Abus do one of the best mounting systems in my opinion. It fits a range of tubes, from 15 – 35mm and it does this by using shims inside the main clamping system. The locking unit has two different attachment positions so that the lock can be orientated in several positions.
The internal area of the d-lock is around 230mm by 105mm. There is a slight divert in the locking system to allow for a few mm of extra space, this will fit through most bicycles rear wheel and part of the frame as well as around standard bicycle racks.

The Cobra Cable is long enough to fit through the front wheel and back to the lock around the rear wheel, a handy extra that doesn’t weigh much but keeps opportunistic thieves from taking your front wheel.

The lock and cable combination is competitively priced at £69.99 with the included cobra cable making this a good purchase for those looking for a complete locking solution.

Available from Evans for £69.99

2 thoughts on “Abus Granit 53 London with Cobra Cable

    1. Easy to snap? Maybe you could bite through it if your name was Jaws 😛
      But it is a steel cable on the inside. Possible to get through with the right tools, just like every lock is.

      As I said in the post, it’s useful for deterring the opportunistic thief from taking your front wheel. Compare it to something like the lock you mentioned and it’s a no brainier which is better for security but which is better for price and weight?

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