American video camera cyclist knocked off his bicycle

A nasty looking incident where a motorist randomly tells the cyclist to get off the road before the driver moves across the cyclists path and clips his handlebars.

You’d better move your genius ass to the f***king right

Original report can be found here and thanks to @seanbennett88 for bringing it to my attenion

2 thoughts on “American video camera cyclist knocked off his bicycle

  1. Idiot comments on there again along the lines of “I’m a cyclist too and the cyclist deserved/provoked it.”

    I dont for a second think they ride bikes in or near traffic. Perhaps they ride Barbie Bikes around the park with their Carers… but not near traffic.

  2. ‘Driven to Kill, Vehicles as Weapons ‘ by Peter Rothe
    “A ‘might is right’ mentality erupts in some drivers,” Rothe writes, “that pushes them to discipline [cyclists], to teach them a lesson, which sometimes means steering their cars into bikes, pulling into the bikers paths, or purposely swerving into marked bike lanes.”
    [page 112]

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