Boston cyclists have it rough too

Cyclists across the globe have to deal with inconsiderate drivers that don’t understand our needs or that we are allowed to use the road. Many of us have taken to using cameras, a cyclist in Boston recently posted a video of a driver who was very impatient as he cycled down a busy road with lots of hazards, the driver could have easily changed lanes to pass the cyclists but instead choose to sound his horn and pass him with only inches to spare.

As always, the driver shortly stopped in traffic and got out of his car asking the cyclist if he wanted a fight. Quite rightly the cyclist didn’t want to get into a fight with someone who was more than likely several times the size of him.
When the cyclist went to the Police they where not interested in what happened, even when the cyclist stated that he had the whole incident on video. I’m sure most of us have experienced problems like this, lets just hope it changes as the grow of camera use in cyclists increases.

5 thoughts on “Boston cyclists have it rough too

  1. What a coincidence. Pretty much the same type of incident happened to me few days ago, in Ireland where I live. Without any proof other than my word, the Gardaí, the Irish police force, took the matter extremely seriously. As soon as I called them, they came straightaway to my place, heard my story, went straightway to find your man (is that Hiberno-English?), and gave him a nice reprimand, which scared the bejesus out of our tough man. I was happy with that. Unfortunately, Ireland isn’t particularly cycling friendly, but at least I’m very happy that the police force have always taken very seriously any complain I’ve ever had, and acted adequately.

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