Must get in front mentality

As all cyclists will know, at some point during their journey, they will witness the behaviour of vehicle drivers where the must pass the cyclist but for little reason as they are often halted by traffic or red lights. This mentality which all drivers seem to have is rather strange. They basically have tunnel vision… More Must get in front mentality

Undertaking large vehicles

I see many cyclists each day going up the inside of buses, coaches and HGV’s. Do they not understand that each time they are doing it, they are putting there life at risk. Of course in some situations it is perfectly safe to do so but if it’s clearly 50/50 it’s best to hang back… More Undertaking large vehicles

Cycling is good for everyone

Over 500,000 bicycle journeys take place each day in London but imagine what it would be like if the cyclists didn’t ride and took other means of transport. They would fill 297 Central Line Trains 6,250 Double decker buses 2,240km of traffic if we each drove an average sized family car Cycle can save you… More Cycling is good for everyone