Lorry Blind Spots – Exchanging Places

Exchanging places is a scheme run by The Cycle Task Force of the Met. A fantastic scheme that gets cyclists into HGV’s and shows them the blind spots! It’s a real eye opener, I was shocked when I first when in and I throughly recommend everyone to do it when they get the opportunity. Some… More Lorry Blind Spots – Exchanging Places

Boris’ standard statistic

I was watching BBC News yesterday morning, and Boris Johnson was on speaking about the 5 cycling deaths we have had on London’s roads in only 9 days! He pulled out his standard statistic which goes something like this Year on year cycle deaths are down. Cycling numbers are also up, which means it is… More Boris’ standard statistic

Red Lights – Is it safer to ride through?

I’ve heard several cyclists state that they only go through red lights because it is the safest thing to do. They are scared of vehicles behind them, the big scary lorries and busses. They state that they go through the red light because many cyclists are killed by large vehicles and being in front of… More Red Lights – Is it safer to ride through?