Cameras make you look for trouble

It was posted on a cycling forum that using a camera whilst cycling makes you look for trouble and that you are better off without them. This response from the very well thought out MrOrigamist made me chuckle. When they fitted flight data recorders (aka black boxes) to aircraft, pilots stated to behave differently. There… More Cameras make you look for trouble

Cyclists are pack animals

At least that is what labyonnette¬†of youtube thinks. He posted the following comment on my Why are cyclists using video cameras video. Most of these incidents reflect a very sensitive individual who is over reacting to quite normal road occurences. Listen to the aggressive yelling, its typical of of you low IQ, low education, gay,… More Cyclists are pack animals

Filtering Videos

Apparently I’m filtering the videos I post. Not posting the stuff where I jump red lights or other crazy things that all cyclists do. gaz545 and the majority of you arrogant cyclists are filtering the videos where you jump red lights. Hahaha what crazy mumbo jumbo. Not once have I showed my self riding through… More Filtering Videos

You’re Looking for Trouble

I’m often told that I’m looking for trouble when I go out on my bicycle. After all, anyone that videos their bicycle ride is quite clearly acting up to the camera! Comments range from I ride a bike everyday and have never been aggressed in any way, so do thousands of others. The reason why… More You’re Looking for Trouble

Cyclists aren’t allowed in the bus lane

At least that is what sparge2¬†thinks. its a BUS LANE UM ITS FOR BUSSES SO GO AND FU CK OFF YOU PEOPLE ARE ARSHOLES STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIME AND GET A LIFE OH AND YES I DO LOTS OF MOUNTAIN BIKEING AND ON THE ROADS Not every city or area lets cyclists use the bus… More Cyclists aren’t allowed in the bus lane