Clocks have changed – light up

A common theme on post coming from various sites recently. The days are getting shorter, your commute is going to be in darkness, so buy some lights.

A few years ago I took a different look on using lights. I did, like many, used lights only when riding in the dark. But in 2008 when the EU regulations were announced that in 2011 all new cars sold in the EU would have to have Daytime Running Lights (DRL), things had to change. When cars started to have lights during the day because for a basic reason of better visibility to other road users, then surely us skinny two wheelers have should do the same and run perhaps even better lighting systems to stand out against everyone else and keep safe.

I noticed, and this is only from my own personal perspective, that I got less issues when I ran lights all the time, this unfortunately is very hard to prove and it could be down to many things but I have no doubt that running lights in all conditions makes a difference.

The only issue is during the day a small light isn’t going to cut it, you are competing with the natural light from the sun. Any light that is going to get you seen from a good distance is going to have to be powerful, and generally that means costly, especially if you want the battery to last at least several days.

So don’t just run lights during the night, run them all the time, every little helps!

One thought on “Clocks have changed – light up

  1. I run lights most of the time, tbh its nothing to do with visibility, its just habit these days. Honestly cant say I’ve noticed a difference on the road

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