Dangerous Pass – GY07 ***

I’m back on the road, unfortunately on 4 wheels and with an engine. I’ve had some camera mounts for a windshield for quite some time but I’ve not been able to use them because of my broken clavicle. Today was the day that I felt I could drive again and I went for a drive on some of the country roads around me. That’s one of the highlights of living in Croydon, It’s a big town, close to the city but also close to the country side.

Traveling down Shirely Church Road in Croydon when an approaching car flashed me as they where approaching a cyclist on their side of the road. I knew that it meant they didn’t care about the cyclists safety or mine and they just wanted to get passed. My instincts where to brake hard, move as far to the left as possible and sound the horn to A. warn the cyclist of the approaching danger B. to show my disapproval to the driver.

The driver passes only inches away from the cyclist and barely slowed, I honestly thought that we were either going to have a head on collision or the cyclist was going to get knocked over. Luckily neither happened but that won’t stop me from reporting this driver to Road Safe London. Unfortunately I was only able to get half the number plate but I’m hoping that it can still be traced and the driver spoken to about their actions on the road, they are quite clearly a danger to vulnerable road users and are putting their convince before the safety of others!

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Pass – GY07 ***

  1. A few things about this:

    The driver was flashing the car in front of you and you can see it swerve to the left, to facilitate the car to pass the cyclist.

    The cyclist is a bit dumb for riding the gutter/white line road marking. I now ride in the left hand 3rd of the road and if cars like this want to pass, they have to wait instead of zooming past me at 40mph.

    1. It’s not possible to say who the car was flashing at, in either case it’s me that is forced to swerve as the overtake happens just in front of me and behind the other driver.

    2. You say the cyclist is dumb, that may not be the case. They may have had abuse for “riding in the middle of the road” and decided (wrongly) that its safer over to the left. Theres any number of reasons why a cyclist may take a partlicular line… debris is one I sometimes encounter,as is poor road surfacing

  2. When I’m driving when a car comes up behind a cyclist going in the other direction, I’ll deliberately move out to the right to try and take up as much space as possible and intimidate the oncoming driver to wait until I’ve passed before he can overtake the cyclist. Works every time.

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