Driving With Two Mobile Phones

David Secker has been banned from driving for 12 months by Norwich Magistrates. He has been given a £150 fine and 14 penalty points. Mr Secker was witnessed by two police officers on the A47 driving at 70mph holding one phone to his ear and the other in his hand. My Secker also had no insurance!

The dangers of driving whilst using a phone are well documented, be it talking or texting. Using two phones at the same time is clearly a very dangerous thing to do and obviously he was distracted as he failed to notice the police approach from behind and pull up alongside him.

My Secker’s solicitor appears to be a twisted man, comparing driving whilst on the phone to eating an apple whilst driving and claims that it isn’t that bad as he wasn’t texting, just reading numbers off the phone, much like reading off a pad. Should you really be reading off a pad whilst driving?

You can watch a short video of what his solicitor had to say at this BBC article.
The dangers of driving whilst on the phone can be read here.

3 thoughts on “Driving With Two Mobile Phones

  1. So they gave him enough penalty points for him to automatically (hopefully) lose his license AND a driving ban? I’m guessing this means he won’t be allowed to re-test until after the Olympics then 🙂 Not that I imagine that would stop him driving given that fine piece this example…

    Whilst I was on the way to our holiday last week I spotted a guy driving a massive artic lorry on the A20 just heading out of Catford on his mobile. I was in the passenger seat and to his credit he was paying enough attention to see me staring at him and giving my customary “you’re on a phone you w**ker” gesture 😀

  2. I wonder if David Secker, 34, will soon be joining the ranks of those with more than 12 points but driving legally, due to the hardship of a driving ban.

    Perhaps the Lawyer has found a loophole in the Law.

    Scum like him needs to be removed from the road permanently.

  3. I can’t help wondering if the Solicitor’s attitude was representative of drivers as whole, who ‘can’t see what the problem is’.

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