I’ve been commuting for more than 10 years, and cycling seriously for more than 16 years. Originally starting as a mountain biker but moving to road cycling.

A brief history of my bicycles:

  • Various full suspension and hard tail mountain bikes, used mainly for jumps and off road tracks.
  • Hybrid bike used for commuting when I first started
  • Carbon road bike used for commuting and weekend rides
  • Steel hub gear cable actuated disc brakes
  • Single speed bike used for commuting
  • Cyclocross bike
  • Cable actuated disc brake bike for commuting
  • Carbon road bike for weekend rides, with power meter and carbon wheels
  • 29″ hard tail mountain bike
  • Single speed sit up bike for town riding
  • Hydro actuated disc brake road bike for commuting

As you can see, quite a list of bikes, all kinds of materials and parts. Certainly wouldn’t go back to anything that isn’t using hydro discs if i’m using it for any sort of decent amount of riding.

My current most used bike is the last one. It’s a 2016 Specilized Diverge comp, mostly running stock, however I changed the chainset to be full shimano 105 as the chainrings were not by stock, this would have meant I wasn’t able to use my shimano crank based power meter with it. It’s an aluminium frame with a carbon fork, full length mudguards, 11 speed shimano 105, with hydro disc brakes. I run it mostly with an Exposure Strada RS front light and a Dinotte 400R rear light.

Video Equipment

I’ve been filming for over a decade now. Starting originally with Contour cameras, moving over to GoPros and now adding Garmin cameras.

My current set up uses 3 cameras:

  • Garmin Virb 360
  • GoPro hero 5 black
  • GoPro session 5

The Garmin Virb 360 is the latest addition, I use this on my helmet, mounted via a GoPro vented helmet mount that I already had. This films a 360 degree video that I can either upload to youtube as a 360 file, or I can edit it in Garmin Virb Edit to appear as a regular video that I can edit to rotate to where I want. It’s pretty cool.

The GoPro hero 5 Black is mounted on my handlebars, I’ve done so in various methods and locations over the years. Currently doing it with a K-Edge mount that I have flipped back so that it records my brake leavers and Garmin computer.

The GoPro session 5 is mounted on the saddle rails of my bicycle and pointing backwards. This is done via a K-Edge saddle rail mount.