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Apparently I’m filtering the videos I post. Not posting the stuff where I jump red lights or other crazy things that all cyclists do.

gaz545 and the majority of you arrogant cyclists are filtering the videos where you jump red lights.
Hahaha what crazy mumbo jumbo. Not once have I showed my self riding through a red light, maybe a few ambers but that is because I’m worried about the driver behind me not stopping. Why haven’t I showed any videos of myself cycling through red lights? That is a simple answer, I don’t!

7 thoughts on “Filtering Videos

  1. Freezing your video and going frame by frame… wait a sec, that’s Gaz driving the truck cutting off the rider! It’s all a big setup!! 😀

    I suspect we could post videos of the entire length of every single ride ever done, and the mumbo jumbo would simply shift to accusations of something like the above.

    1. My old jokes were that I had a radio control unit or giant magnet on my back to “force” drivers to come close… yes… thats really the way it happens, LOL.

  2. The Bristol Traffic Project isn’t afraid to show people RLJ-ing.


    Notice how the ones who run the red light before the hill get reeled within 20s of the lights changing. If they were fitter they would not only catch up on the time they’d gain by waiting, they’d reach the summit minutes earlier. Just a thought.

  3. “…the majority of you arrogant cyclists are filtering the videos where you jump red lights”

    This comment reveals more about the idiot who posted it that they realised.

  4. I’ve had these comments. All youtuber cyclists have I reckon.

    My response when I could be bothered (usually I just delete their crap) was to suggest they try and get evidence that I do so, perhaps in video form, before rambling on.

    With most things in life if there is no evidence that usually means it hasn’t happened.

  5. I’m not convinced that arguing with people on the roads -“magnatom” style, has any benefit

    -people never think “ooh, that was a mistake, I won’t do that again”, instead they react defensively to any form of criticism.
    -some people are intimidated, and that leads to them resenting “militant” cyclists
    -some people are just plain mad and you are going to get into a fight with a psychopath armed with a car.

    If there is one thing that these videos shows needs improving its how the london taxi authority handles taxis. That is something that is correctable with enough pressure applied to them. A collection of videos helps. Once taxi drivers realise that their actions get recorded and they get punished, their behaviour may change. For example, this taxi that pulled off the bike lane/pavement without indicating or looking straight into the ASL got their video forwarded on.

    If the TLA does what it is meant to do: license safe taxis, then behaviour would be different.

    1. I agree, but sometimes it’s hard 😛

      I’m currently building up a silent war against the Public Carriage Office, they really don’t care about the behaviour of their drivers, i’ve been sworn at, threatened with a torch and run off the road on numerous occasions.

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