How to deal with cars parked in the bicycle lane?

A few months ago a cyclist in New York got a ticket for not cycling in the bike lane, he made a video about various reasons why and it’s got millions of views.

Well now a Mayor in Lithuania has come up with a different approach to dealing with drivers parking illegal.

When will Boris Johnson be getting one of these?

5 thoughts on “How to deal with cars parked in the bicycle lane?

  1. Judging from recent performance Boris would be more likely to ban cyclists and pedestrians and build a three lane motorway. Musn’t cause the slightest delay to motorists must we?

  2. As nice as the idea is, the reality is that this was a PR stunt (*duh*) and parking on cycle lanes is barely dealt with in Lithuania, plus the cycle paths generally suck, except for the ones that were renovated with EU money.

  3. Might work in London: I remember watching a documentary about Bruce Dickinson from the band Iron Maiden and his collection of tanks that are legal to drive on the roads in the UK he said.

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