Magicshine MJ-872

The Magicshine MJ-872 is a 1,600 Lumen bicycle light from the ever-growing company Magicshine. They have revolutionised lights for bicycles, in the past few years I’ve seen a growing number of cyclists using brighter and brighter lights with most of them being from Magicshine. The reason, they offer affordable bright bicycle lighting that allows people to see where they are going!

The MJ-872 uses 4 CREE XP-G LED’s to produce around 1,600 lumens of light. Four different levels of brightness allows you to change the brightness depending on your requirements. The standard Magicshine mount allows for easy attachment to the handlebars. This light doesn’t feature a flash mode.

I’ve previously used the Magichsine MJ-808 and many other bicycle lights but not once have I come across a light which has two buttons for controlling the mode. One for going up the power and one for going down. This is a great feature that means you don’t have to jump between extremes to go down or up a small amount of power. This is specifically useful for off-roading.

Is this a commuter light? I used it for commuting and it was perfectly fine, on low power and pointing towards the ground. This goes for any light that is bright, they work fine on low power and pointing towards the ground. The bonus with such a light is the wide dissipation of the light means you are visible from many angles and as it causes a big pool of light on the ground in front of you, you resemble a motorbike, something that is much harder than a cyclist, this has the positive effect of people taking more notice of you.

Beam shots of the light, going from highest power to lowest. Shots taken on ISO 100, Exposure 4 seconds, Aperture F4.0 and an 18mm focal length. The chair is 8 meters away with the main beam pointing at it and the jacket is 13 meters away.

The Magicshine MJ-872 and other Magicshine lights can be purchased from

5 thoughts on “Magicshine MJ-872

  1. Impressive 🙂 I assume it’s the item mounted under the handlebars which is changing colour in the shots?

    Looking at the pricing I can see why it’s so popular however as I often have to leave the bike outside having to remove and then re-attach lights + battery pack would be PITA every day 😉

    1. Aye, would be a pain. I’ve changed the mounts on all my lights so they are screwed in. The batteries are in my bag, so I just need to unplug the cables, remove my bag and off I go.

    2. It’s really simple to remove and reattach with the rings and works well with the splitter and back light, just think of the battery pack as one extra light to remove.

  2. I would buy one of these if it flashed (and at full power) as my main concern is being seen in daylight so a very bright flashing light is very helpful.

    1. One of these flashing, on full power, would be dangerous IMO. I use one for a partly rural commute and it almost always stays on low. It’s a great light, you just have to be careful with the angle of it.

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