Moving around cyclists

I saw this and I thought this was great.

It is (funny) how drivers will calmly go around a car that is parked in the road making sure to avoid conflicts with on coming traffic but when asked to do the same thing for a real live person on a bike they get all worked up and mad at the cyclist. I believe there is a deeply rooted fear of the cyclist and the liability involved. After all the cyclist is a moving object and can change direction. The parked car is not going to jump in front

5 thoughts on “Moving around cyclists

  1. why not set up a suitable roadside camera and compare driver’s responses to a parked car and a bike taking the primary in the same spot ( doing 10 mph)!

  2. I think it is worse than this sadly and a case of valuing objects and also prioritising yourself over other human life. I get the impression that car drivers associate hitting another vehicle with damage to their car and therefore cost and likely injury to themselves. People and other cyclists wouldn’t cause so much damage. Worst evidence of this was the Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland crash in the TDF last year when the official car swerved to avoid a tree.

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