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Something I had to think long and hard about but I’ve decided to move my cycling related uploads to CycleGaz.

With over 1 million video views and nearly 2,000 subscribers, I had the most popular video camera cyclists channel. So why move? Well it’s mostly down to one thing, I’m on my last strike for copyright infringement on the previous channel another one would mean my channel gets closed and i would lose everything.

Even if I kept squeaky clean I could have had a disgruntled driver report a video under their copyright, even thought it isn’t, YouTube hasn’t shown so far that it is will to protect those of us who upload footage of dangerous drivers.
So I would rather not take the risk of losing everything I have by moving everything across now.

I have a few plans for how I can take my channel further, including doing product reviews of cycling accessories and how too videos for setting equipment up.

I’m looking forward to where this new channel can go. Hopefully people enjoy the videos.

2 thoughts on “New Youtube Channel

  1. Sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstances for the move, after my first (and so far only) privacy complaint I removed what I thought was the offending footage yet the powers that be at YT still decided to remove the clip!

    Glad to hear you have plans on the horizon!

  2. I’m trying to work out what the copyright infringements were, care to give a general idea?
    I’m going to be doing a similar thing myself so want to know what to watch out for.

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