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    1. Because most drivers just sit there in their little bubble world and don’t look, at all. I’ve had people fail to see me on a 17 hand chestnut horse, and they think saying ‘I didn’t see you’ is reasonable and puts the blame on me, and my magic cloak of invisibility, rather than realising that it’s actually an admission of incompetence.

  1. I know that junction. Not one of the best in London, the people are coming out of that side road after have been speeding (you should see the speed they are doing there on a narrow road with speed bumps) along on a “short cut” and then get stuck in a queue. So therefore they are in a hurry to get out and away from the junction. I’m always worried when going the same direction as this cyclist.

  2. Absolutely appauling! the first driver seems to think he has done his public duty by stopping after the event and the second driver who runs over you car appears to be abrogating any responsibility for her actions in the matter. It doesnt matter where this took place – and this could be any junction in the country – this driver behaviour just beggars belief and has to be treated as a seriious RTA leading to a very stiff penalty. My heart goes out to you. I sincerely hope you are ok, but better the bike got mangled than you. Good luck!

  3. It’s crazy that the woman seems to be more angry about the bike under her car than caring for the cyclist. This is such a close call, it could well have been the poor cyclist being dragged under the second car rather than the bike. No wonder so many people don’t cycle!

  4. Absolutely shocking!!!

    Do you know if the cyclist was injured badly or if he was OK?

    I hope both car drivers get prosecuted and learn from this…. especially the woman who went into denial mode straight away!!!

  5. What a selfish driver, she was more concerned about her car than the cyclist.
    Clearly I hope the cyclist is OK and gets proper compensation for his injuries and bicycle etc.
    I hope there are some prosecutions too for both drivers. I too suspect phone use.

    I bet that the cyclist was glad he took his camera with him.

  6. I hope the cyclist was OK. I’m astounded that the woman never once asked him if he was alright – completely in denial of any responsibility. Stupid idiot! It’s precisely because of things like that that I avoid cycling on the road where I can. I can see the value in having a camera on your helmet, I’m glad he captured it on film.

  7. Idiot drivers as usual.

    But it will be “just an accident’, and be swept under the carpet, the drivers will feel vindicated, their insurance costs will be spread to the rest of us and everyone (Except cyclists – who don’t count) will be happy.

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