Road Safety Week

It’s been and gone but nothing has changed. It was the same old same old for me on the roads. Silly Cyclists, motorists imitating motorcyclist’s, mobile phone use and general lack of concern for other road users. hit the cycling media in a bad way in the past week, dropping the road tax bomb in a poll. I had someone from contact me last week with regards to road safer week and what they had done. For some reason they didn’t get back to me when I asked them about that road tax comment.

The Mayor of London announced a review of all the superhighways. They haven’t appeared to be so super after two cyclists had been killed using them in the space of only a few weeks. RIP. I’ve always been quite clinical of the superhighways, I raised concerns I had about them to TFL before they were built and got no where. If you are going to call something super and describe it as a safer journey, then they better be super and they better be safe. Unfortunately I feel that none of them are currently in a safe state as they are just a bit of blue paint on the side of the road.

Lots of other things happened over the whole country. Most I fear where for little gain, ‘a thought today, forgotten tomorrow’ springs to mind. This is the first Road Safety Week in the Decade of Action. Again something which looks like it hasn’t really taken off.

I had several encounters in the past week that shows the attitude of some of the drives on our road rather well.

This driver attempts to cut across my path, he states that he saw me and that I was too far out from the pavement. He then shows just why you should cycle that far out from the pavement as he does a close pass on another cyclist and then stops straight away.

This driver actually drove relatively well but sounds her horn as she comes past. I ask her later on what the problem was, apparently I was too far out from the pavement again and it is dangerous for her to change lanes to move around me. I should therefore be closer to the pavement so she could overtake me without changing lanes. No thanks!

They say cyclists don’t stop at red lights, clearly this guy left his bike at home.

And a small shunt I witnessed on Friday evening. No damage done but shows just how aware some drivers are of what is in front of them and the size of their vehicle.

4 thoughts on “Road Safety Week

  1. I didn’t even realize it was “Road Safety Week” just the standard action here to!
    Caught a RLJing bus myself the other day and had a few uncomfortably close passes but nothing to really write home about.

    One quick bit the second video link is showing as the taxi driver again rather then the impatient bint with no idea of the highway code!

    1. Aye. i suspect he is going to take the piss with it though, absolutely no damage done so no need to claim. I’m going to get the police to pass the video onto him. Only fare that they both have it.

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