Roadsafe working at better results

I use better as a loose term, as it’s subjective. Those that have regularly reported incidences via roadsafe over the years may have already noticed a change. Many have mentioned that they feel the feedback from them has been poor but hopefully that is about to change.

I first found out about the change when I reported an incident to roadsafe, one which I thought was extremely bad and worthy of at least a talking to the driver if not a prosecution. I got no response from road safe, even after chasing them about it. So I contacted someone I know who is part of the Cycle Task Force and works with Roadsafe and he passed on my concerns to PC Walters.

I met with PC Walters a few days after raising my concerns, this was to take my statement for the case and to talk about how things can go forward. He is an experienced traffic officer with the Police, has worked in the Cycle Task Force and is a cyclist. He informed me that he is looking at videos sent to roadsafe and seeing if they warrant further action by the police. This can included prosecutions and section 59 orders placed on the driver and vehicle.

PC Walters is the only officer working on this at roadsafe and he has only just started but from the feedback I am getting with him, the work he is doing is a really good improvement on a reporting system that many cyclists outside of London want from their own constabulary. I will continue to write about the progress and results that I have with PC Walters.

13 thoughts on “Roadsafe working at better results

  1. Excellent stuff Gaz, I to submit a few close calls to R.S. but nothing only the acknowledgement via a responce e-mail…. its very sad that one person is on this, but I hope it gets the full attention of PC Walters..

  2. I’d love Kent Police to be any good at this. Unfortunately both times I reported something I got a ‘lack of evidence’ automated letter, without being asked to give them the evidence (which I clearly said I had)

  3. I have never had a issue of being ignored by the police in my area. However only reported two drivers but they both got section 59 warnings. However good to see some improvement else where.

  4. Has PC Walters been endowed with the discretion to issue a summons or does he have to forward it onto the Traffic Criminal Justice Unit who have a strangely dismissive attitude to the value of video evidence? The need for reform may lie deeper.

    1. I have limited knowledge of how the system works, so I can’t say for sure. But I would presume that you are correct.
      I have had one incident rejected from the TCJU and PC Walters confirmed what went wrong and knows what to avoid it in future. I’ll be posting about that shortly.

      If you want to get in touch with PC Walters than I can pass you his e-mail, he will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

      1. As a pedestrian in North London I am shocked at the speed some vehicles travel at on side roads without a care in the world ! On a bike it must be terrifying.

  5. I submitted my first video in a long time to Roadsafe last week, and I was very happy with the response from PC Walters – he said he was considering prosecuting the driver, although I said I would be happy with a letter being sent. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

    1. Many have said to me that they where disappointed in the responses they where getting from road safe and stopped reporting stuff to them as it didn’t seem worthwhile. It’s looking like times are changing.

  6. “PC Walters is the only officer working on this at roadsafe and he has only just started”

    So, were the submissions being ignored before this??????????

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