Silly Cyclists – Episode 24

The 24th Episode of silly cyclists is out.
There are a few new things, a website for silly cyclists and a twitter feed, subscribe for updates.

This weeks episode looks at brakes, filtering, red light jumping and general bad cycling.

I got lots of submissions this week but unfortunately couldn’t use them all. This video features CyclingMikeySkrzypczykBass and tommikomulainen.

3 thoughts on “Silly Cyclists – Episode 24

  1. In number 1, at least on the video, the light applied to the cycle lane wasn’t terribly obvious. Essentially the lights look confusing to me. The cycle specific lights need to be show a bicycle.

    There is a junction at Hampton Wick A308 / B358 outside Kingston-upon-Thames where the traffic light layout was so appalling that traffic going ahead (A308 to Hampton Court) had to pass through was was to all appearances a red light that applied to them. The red light ONLY applied to traffic turning right (B358) . After decades, it’s been altered because it was so awful. Of course locals realised, but visitors would quite understandably stop until hooted.

    1. I think it makes sense but is it worthwhile? It stops the left hook (if you obey the rules) that can be so dangerous to cyclists. What i would like to see on this road is a wide cycle lane (easily possible) and the lights slightly lower so they are more prominent to cyclists.

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