Teaching Pedestrians to LOOK

Bike Butterfly is a cycling invention that aims to teach pedestrians to look before crossing the road. Far too many just use their ears to listen for motorised traffic and cross when they don’t hear an engine.

I can’t see this being useful, it may make a pedestrian think next time but I believe that as a cyclist we should be actively looking out for situations where pedestrians might step out and take action to avoid getting into a situation where you can’t avoid them if they do step out.

Looking into this in more detail,  it appears to be a ‘test’

What new business models will the marketing agencies of the future operate to? Will they buy media in traditional ways, or ‘create audiences’ that their client brands can buy into?

Johnny Vegas and Monkey started out advertising ITV Digital. They then popped up a few years later advertising PG tips. We’re interested in understanding if  you can de-risk advertising by creating assets that have a built in audience and then attach brands and businesses to them once they are proven to be popular. Will they be rejected once they have a commercial function? We don’t know but we are in the process of finding out.

Source: http://www.corkewallis.com/work/bikebutterfly

5 thoughts on “Teaching Pedestrians to LOOK

  1. ROFL, bloody excellent, lol lol lol, but seriously ROFL sorry can’t help it. OK I am OK now………… well very effective & it WILL make the ped. think next time…. but who is going to wear this…….. LOL. I like this, this has made my day brighter… 🙂

    1. Perfect use! When you see a car hovering too close to your rear wheel, itching to attempt that bar scrapingly close 50mph overtake, just deploy this and all your problems are solved! Hahaha!

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