TFL Getting People to Cycle and Walk

Along with Recyclebank, TFL are planning a scheme where people will get rewards and discounts for making journeys in London on foot or by bicycle.

The idea is to get more people to walk and cycle in the capital to reduce pollution, boost fitness and ease congestion. Users will collect points for every journey they make and will be redeemable against a range of offers and discounts.

Launch is expected to take place in Spring 2012 and could be a massive hit with people who already walk and cycle in London. It is designed to work with your phone and GPS transmitter, with an app that logs your journey and rewards you from that.

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I could personally see this useful, depending on the amount of points you get per journey, it could potentially mean free lunches at Marks & Spencer or at least reduced costs.

This announcement comes only days after +2,000 cyclists and pedestrians took to Blackfriars Bridge in protest against TFL for not putting more thought into vulnerable road users in their re-designed Blackfriars Bridge.

It gives two pictures, one side TFL want to make the traffic flow for motorised vehicles as quick as possible but on the other side they want to get people out of their cars and onto the streets which they have just put fast-moving and dangerous traffic next to.

4 thoughts on “TFL Getting People to Cycle and Walk

  1. Personally, I think it’s a half baked scheme and another underhand attempt to get free marketing information. To participate people need a phone with GPS and I rather NOT have my every move followed in exchange for an M&S sandwich.
    Also, as Gaz pointed out, TfL is sending mixed messages when it comes to cycling. I rather the money to fund this scheme was invested in a safe and high quality cycling facilities (Why can’t they follow Dutch example?) to encourage new or less confident cyclists. Outside of central London the state of cycling lanes is absolutely appalling and still, most of the cyclists are of male, lycra clad, roadie variety (not that I have anything against them), women, old people or kids are a small minority. It has taken me a while to build my confidence as an urban cyclist and I still get surprised looks when pedalling away in normal clothes on my trusty folding bike.

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