TFL Reviewing Priority Junctions

Yesterday I got a press release from TFL stating the priority junctions they will be looking into as part of the cycle safety review. Read the press release here >

I recall raising issues with regards to CS7 and several of the junctions, I wasn’t the only one. Oval, Stockwell and the left turn down Clapham common spring to mind. In fact I recall my concerns got the attraction of the project manager, who invited me to talk to him about CS7. We rode along sections of it and spoke about various things, I highlighted the issue with Oval and Stockwell but it got ignored.

Those of us using the routes long before the superhighways came into play knew exactly what was wrong. We knew exactly how poor the facilities where when they where first put in. It’s funny how those of us who use the roads daily are not asked for their opinion on potential changes that will affect us greatly or what we think the issues are.

4 thoughts on “TFL Reviewing Priority Junctions

  1. TFL can hold all the consultations they want and get plenty of feedback on junction design. Doesn’t mean they have to take a blind bit of notice of it…Just look at the hash they made of Kings Cross and Bow r/b, both of which have unfortunately claimed lives.

  2. I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to things like road junctions and how they can be made safer for everybody but I do think theres a bit of a hit & miss approach to it. For example on CS3 there is an (albeit small) junction on cable street and cannon st road. The idea is that there are a set of separated traffic lights that go in intervals for cars, pedestrians and cyclists. But it takes so long for the cycling green light to come on that many cyclists get impatient and end up jumping a red light (with potentially tragic results).

    Many who use CS3 will not be turning on that junction but will be opting to go straight on in or out of the city so surely it’d be better to match the cycling lights with the pedestrian signals right?

    1. You would have thought that would be a good idea, and that is what the dutch do. But this is TFL after all, they aren’t the sharpest nails in the bucket.

      1. I get that feeling as well. It is pretty annoying that someone from TFL took the time to go out cycling with you to get proper feedback on junctions only to ignore that advice anyway! :-/

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