That bridge again – VK05FJV Impatient overtake

Previously, in early use of my helmet camera, I was going over the bridge in the video below, and a driver overtook me into oncoming traffic and narrowly avoided a head on collision, of course this was completely my fault, because i was cycling over the bridge at a reasonable speed and he overtook me across double white lines and without being able to see over the brow of the bridge. He promptly stopped in the middle of the road, got out, and verbally assaulted me because it was my fault he nearly crashed. Even with all of this on camera, the police only added an information marker next to him and no charges were pressed.

In the video below, on that very bridge, i have my main camera pointing backwards for testing purposes. And a driver barely waits behind me whilst I travel over the bridge, they cross the double white lines trying to overtake, see oncoming cars and pause brief and then continue their overtake across double white lines.

Apart from breaking several highway code rules, what goes through the mind of these people? you would have to wait only a few seconds on this bridge before you can pass me safely.

5 thoughts on “That bridge again – VK05FJV Impatient overtake

  1. Typical driving from a person in a German car….terrible as you are pretty much as the end of the double-white line section when she overtakes so it would have only taken a couple of seconds waiting for her to overtake in a much safer, not to mention legal, fashion!

    Still we can only assume she had somewhere REALLY important to go…..

  2. It’s a bit disappointing that the fuzz don’t seem to see most of this as worthy of any action. I guess someone will have to run you down before something happens with all this footage.

    By the way, what’s with the rubbish Wikipedia links to explain to me what a police force is, or, handily, “highway” ….

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