Walking with cleats

Many cyclists say that a downside to a road cleat system (e.g. Look Keo) is that they are hard to walk in. But are they really?

Sometimes people look for the worst in products to make excuses not to buy them. Road cleat systems are the perfect example. They have many benefits including a secure grip for putting down the power and bigger platforms for comfort. Unfortunately many people are put off by the fact that some people find them hard to walk in.

I personally have no issue walking in them, it’s the same as any normal shoe. In fact each day i walk through gravel, up 10 flights of stairs and across a marble floor without issues. In each case I walk like a normal person but my shoes make a different sound.

They may not be the best cleat to go walking around the supermarket in doing your shopping or walking several miles in but I have done both of those several times without issues. If you plan to do walking or shopping etc. Then using MTB cleats with a shoe that uses a recessed cleat is definitely the way forward.

I will admit that I have one problem with them. And that’s walking down stairs, size 12 feet + cleated shoes + stairs = a nightmare!

3 thoughts on “Walking with cleats

  1. The best cycling video that I recall which features walking with cleats, is:
    Harry Lieben’s, AKA ‘twilwel’ – My weekly 400km bicycle trip

  2. A guy at work took some old flipflops and cut a hole for the cleat and put in his own elasticated strap. Seemed to work a treat.

    I just use walking shoes myself.. funny feet, like flippers and flat as a pancake with no arch. I do have a pair of Lidl mtb shoes now though, havent used them yet, keep forgettng about them, plus havent sorted the 105 pedals.

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