When Cyclists Attack

It’s not always cyclist vs motorist, sometimes it’s cyclist vs cyclist

This nasty incident out in christchurch happened after one cyclist wouldn’t let the other pass on a narrow trail. The rider in front was brake testing the other cyclist almost causing a collision on several occasions. The full video can be watched here.

12 thoughts on “When Cyclists Attack

  1. Nasty! I hope the attacker is punished severely. I also hope he is ejected from any clubs and cycling organisations.

    Nasty people are nasty whether they’re driving, riding a bike or walking.

  2. Although aggression like this is never acceptable after watching the full video and reading more of the story through the forums the guy riding behind is not totally faultless. He could have handled the situation a lot better, he could have pulled over and waited for a clear run if the guy in front was not going to pull over. It is not like it was a competition or anything just 2 separate guys out for a ride

    1. Couldn’t agree more Pete. The guy behind should have simply waited longer. The guy in front is perfectly entitled to ride. But…….physical violence never great.

  3. i agree with pete’s and matt’s comments.

    although assaulting someone is not justified, the guy behind was a bit annoying.
    Don’t tailgate a slower cyclist and nag them about pulling over.

  4. It seems to me that the slower cyclist should have given-way to the faster one. It seems immensely rude not to.
    BTW, I am a slow cyclist.

  5. Can anyone work out how or why he ended up behind him again after he let him past the first time (see full video)?

  6. The police appear to have caught up with the guy in question,

    There has also been a lot banter on one of the nz cycle forums that if you were prepared to read 42 pages and work out the cryptic clues you could figure out who it was,

    And on the back of it all, somebody is making a replica top named after the incident and the trail it happened on,

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