Which taxi drivers are the worst?

I’ve had my fair share of incidences on the road, some of the worst have been from taxi drivers but out of those,most of them are public hire taxi’s. This could be down to the fact that they are essentially untouchable. The PCO in london licenses +60,000 taxi’s and from the response I have had from them, they do not care what their drivers get up to on the roads. And as I’ve said before, when drivers don’t get pulled up on their behaviour on the roads, it spirals out of control.

3 thoughts on “Which taxi drivers are the worst?

  1. you have loaded the question with a nudge towards your preferred answer. the pole will be more representative if you pose the question more neutrally

    I do however agree – completely

  2. Ive had black cabs cut me up but they tend to be more conscientious when they have a passenger onboard (time related meter so theyre not in a rush).

    Addison Lee drivers are particularly noticeable with being inconsiderate. I get raged and pumped with adrenalin after they cut me up so I fail to get their plate numbers to report them. Need to sort another camera out specifically for my road bike! Probably a nice small Veho Muvi type.

  3. I voted private hire. I would however comment that my commuter route takes me through parts of town were there a few public hire cabs and lots of private hire cabs.

    I would also concur that Addison Lee are awful and strike fear into my heart when I see them approach.

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