7 thoughts on “Would you question a bike thief?

  1. Never mind questioning a bike thief. Hardly anyone approaches anyone committing any crime at all, and it’s interesting to see that it’s no different in New York than in polite, mind-your-own-business England.

  2. Not sure i’d want to tackle anyone carrying a crowbar, bolt cutters or a power tool! Even if challenged the thief would just say it’s their bike and they’ve lost the key or something 🙁 it’s a difficult one…

    1. I’m with you on this one, it’s a rather tricky one to call. Even trying to get the police involved is going to more then likely take much longer then the theiving scumbag needs to scarper with someones pride and joy.

  3. Thinking this through I’d approach them saying it was my mates bike, whilst phoning the police. Would only do that in a busy location in day time though. Hopefully they would scarper. I’m not in a city as big as London though, and to add to it I sadly would only do that if it was a nice bike as there is risk involved.

  4. You could take a photo on your phone before approaching, call the police straight away, or surely any number of other ways of approaching it. I’d hope that someone would do the same for my bike, so it behoves me to do it for them, imo.

  5. I would either confront the thief carefully or video him/her if I am in my cycle gear, if not I would make a visual look checkout the area then politely ask him/her what’s going on, but it must be in a public location, at the sametime calling the Police,

  6. In Amsterdam I approached a guy who was using bolt cutters to liberate a bike from its lock.
    I said: “Is that your bike?”
    he replied: “yes”

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