You want to join our gang, get on your bike!

Yesterday, several hundred cyclists turned up to voice their opinions on the comments that John Griffin had made. None of them how ever where grannies that had got on the bikes for the first time. They where seasoned cyclists, cyclists who care and who already know the lack of driving ability that the drivers of Addison Lee have.

Cyclists lie down in the road as if they where hit by cars

I’m sure that John Griffin is regretting his actions over the past week. He has pissed off two groups of people, taxi drivers and cyclists. Whilst he has done one thing that none of us imagined (united taxi drivers and cyclists), he has messed with two groups that are willing to get together and boycott the company because of the chairmans actions. This of course has resulted in the mass protest of cyclists and several taxi drivers outside Addison Lee’s headquarters. It has also lead to countless amounts of 1 star reviews on there iPhone, Andoid and Windows Phone App.

The app rating on the Apple App store








What Griffin didn’t think about, and what many people struggle to understand. Is that many people cycle because they enjoy it, or because it is quicker and not because they can’t afford to travel in a minicab or take the tube. Griffin may well have got the attention of some individuals that are in the position to make decisions about which minicab firm the company uses. This along with the bad news coverage, could lead to Addison Lee loosing out massively!

One thing that John Griffin continues to comment on is that cyclists are not trained to use the roads. What he fails to realise is that trained cyclists will be his worst enemy, especially if he wants his cabs to use the bus lanes. Why? Because any trained cyclist will know to take control of a bus lane, they are rarely wide enough to be shared. His minicabs won’t be able to make progress in the bus lanes without first leaving them to safely pass the cyclists who are cycling as they have been trained.
That unfortunately doesn’t help with his mentality of ‘it’s not the drivers fault if the cyclist swerves’

Addison Lee is a joke!

And not what you would call a funny. Cyclists in the City reported yesterday that the Chairman has said some worrying things in the latest Add Lib Magazine.

He says

You want to join our gang, get trained and pay up

I think it is worth noting that the bicycle came before cars and it was cyclists that made it possible for the cars to use the roads, as we where the ones that campaigned for smooth sealed roads!

His comment came after the usual rubbish that someone with little knowledge of the road network throws at a cyclist.

The rest of us occupying this roadspace have had to undergo extensive training. We are sitting inside a protected space with impact bars and air bags and paying extortionate amounts of taxes on our vehicle purchase, parking, servicing, insurance and road tax.

Road what? Come on John Griffin, I took you for a smarter man than that! We all know that road tax was abolished in 1937 and that even if cyclists had to pay under the same system as motorised transport, we would pay £0!

Can he not see that you must pay large sums of money because making a car is expensive, parking spaces are valuable, parts are expensive to replace and cars cause lots of damage. The bicycle on the other hand is simple machine in comparison, with costs much smaller than those of a motorised vehicle.

His comment about training is of course an amusing one. A bicycle is allowed to use the road by right, no training is required as it is a fairly simple task. It would be a bit silly if we forced 14 year old girls to get a number plate to hang over the horses bum and force them to take a test. Would the horse have to take a theory test as well?
The car on the other hand, as he points out, is a vehicle that is protected, the passengers are protected. The vehicle its self can be a weapon, it can kill and seriously injure someone if the wrong person is behind the wheel.

But to the real point, it was worse long before the usual comments. John Griffin said the following

Should a motorist fail to observe a granny wobbling to avoid a pothole or a rain drain, then he is guilty of failing to anticipate that this was somebody on her maiden voyage into the abyss. The fact is he just didn’t see her and however cautious, caring or alert he is, the influx of beginner cyclists is going to lead to an overall increase in accidents involving cyclists.

Well of course it is going to lead into an increase in ‘accidents’ if your drivers aren’t looking. Cyclists across London already know that Addison Lee hires drivers that got their license from a box of Frosties (They’re GRRRRRRRR-EAT).
Perhaps Mr Griffin should put his own house in order before commenting about others, as the quality of his drivers road use is appalling.

He is of course suggesting that it is not the drivers fault if a cyclist wobbles around because they are inexperienced and there is a collision. Of course it is the drivers fault, it is up to the overtaking vehicle to pass safely. If you are in the more dangerous form of transportation then you look after those who are in a more vulnerable position. You wouldn’t  go around ramming little girls off their horses and then try to blame it on them being too inexperienced or not having insurance.

He started this week off by whining on TV that his minicabs are being treated unfairly because they aren’t allowed to use the bus lanes. By the end of the week he has stated that it isn’t the drivers fault if an inexperienced cyclist gets in their way.

John Griffin is a child, he was on TV whining because he wasn’t getting his way, by the end of the week he has thrown his toys out of the pram because the cyclists grouped together and made some noise.

Here is a video I made earlier that I think Mr Griffin should be forced to watch