Limited road space

With road space being a limitation in-built up cities, selfish road users who slow everyone else down are becoming a real problem. Using the road two abreast, slowing others down, causing traffic etc…. Those bloody car drivers need to be sorted out. The two person wide vehicle which is often seen with only a driver,… More Limited road space

Hump de Bump

I blogged in the past about issues I was having with the building management and the bike stands provided at work. After several bicycles where stolen from the basement the security decided to take a more proactive action with regards to cyclists. This has resulted in those of us not able to use the racks… More Hump de Bump

Ungrateful Bastards

Received this comment on one of my videos. Us cyclists are freeing up space on the road by cycling instead of driving! If we all drove instead, nobody would be able to get anywhere, or at least it would take them a lot longer. Considering how impatient a lot of car drivers are, they should… More Ungrateful Bastards

No Helmets?

Look at these cyclists, on ice and not one of them is wearing a helmet and none of them crack their heads open and die. I posted this more in jest than an actual representation of not needing helmets. Recently the Womens Institute has been looking into backing mandatory helmet laws. As adults who have… More No Helmets?