Cyclists don’t stop at red

Cyclists are often outed by other road users for not stopping at red lights. But no group is innocent at this. A TFL study showed that 84% of cyclists in London stopped at red lights, so why is it perceived that we jump red lights? Cyclists generally cycle through red lights when other traffic has… More Cyclists don’t stop at red

You’re causing traffic

Something I’ve had shouted at me as vehicles pass me or been told on other occasions. Statements like this show the stupidity and naivety of people who shout them. For starters, the definition of traffic is not vehicles being held up or stationary but in fact just describes any vehicle on the road. So I… More You’re causing traffic

Cyclists are pack animals

At least that is what labyonnette¬†of youtube thinks. He posted the following comment on my Why are cyclists using video cameras video. Most of these incidents reflect a very sensitive individual who is over reacting to quite normal road occurences. Listen to the aggressive yelling, its typical of of you low IQ, low education, gay,… More Cyclists are pack animals

You’re Looking for Trouble

I’m often told that I’m looking for trouble when I go out on my bicycle. After all, anyone that videos their bicycle ride is quite clearly acting up to the camera! Comments range from I ride a bike everyday and have never been aggressed in any way, so do thousands of others. The reason why… More You’re Looking for Trouble