You’re causing traffic

Something I’ve had shouted at me as vehicles pass me or been told on other occasions. Statements like this show the stupidity and naivety of people who shout them.

For starters, the definition of traffic is not vehicles being held up or stationary but in fact just describes any vehicle on the road. So I am traffic, as are you and that is without other vehicles behind you.

Traffic: Vehicles moving on a public highway: “a stream of heavy traffic” (Source: Warp Training Australia).

Even if the word traffic meant a queue of stationary or slow-moving vehicles. Are cyclists the ones causing these queues? Or is it the hordes of other vehicles using the road?

3 thoughts on “You’re causing traffic

  1. Technically you’re reducing traffic by not using a car so the drivers should instead be thanking you 🙂

    Of course that would then need them to understand it isn’t that “slow” cyclists disappearing up the road but instead the vehicle directly in front of them that is actually holding them up!

    1. Mark,
      Well said.
      The irony is of course, is that the woman driver of SJ55YJK did not understand her obnoxious, pig-ignorant obscene and hypocritical comments applied to her, not the target of her ire.

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