Requesting CCTV footage of yourself

For those of you that watch my youtube channel, you may have seen a video I posted where I included the CCTV footage from the bus of an incident I had with them. This wasn’t the first time that I had tried to get CCTV from a bus company, nor the first from this company.… More Requesting CCTV footage of yourself

Limited road space

With road space being a limitation in-built up cities, selfish road users who slow everyone else down are becoming a real problem. Using the road two abreast, slowing others down, causing traffic etc…. Those bloody car drivers need to be sorted out. The two person wide vehicle which is often seen with only a driver,… More Limited road space

Cyclists aren’t allowed in the bus lane

At least that is what sparge2¬†thinks. its a BUS LANE UM ITS FOR BUSSES SO GO AND FU CK OFF YOU PEOPLE ARE ARSHOLES STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIME AND GET A LIFE OH AND YES I DO LOTS OF MOUNTAIN BIKEING AND ON THE ROADS Not every city or area lets cyclists use the bus… More Cyclists aren’t allowed in the bus lane