The Times – Save our Cyclists

Yesterday The Times launched a campaign to make cycling in cities across England safer after one of the Times’ reports was struck by a lorry only yards away from her workplace in November last year, she has been a comma since. I was asked to give my opinion on current road conditions for cyclists, and… More The Times – Save our Cyclists

Which taxi drivers are the worst?

I’ve had my fair share of incidences on the road, some of the worst have been from taxi drivers but out of those,most of them are public hire taxi’s. This could be down to the fact that they are essentially untouchable. The PCO in london licenses +60,000 taxi’s and from the response I have had from them,… More Which taxi drivers are the worst?

Cyclists aren’t allowed in the bus lane

At least that is what sparge2 thinks. its a BUS LANE UM ITS FOR BUSSES SO GO AND FU CK OFF YOU PEOPLE ARE ARSHOLES STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIME AND GET A LIFE OH AND YES I DO LOTS OF MOUNTAIN BIKEING AND ON THE ROADS Not every city or area lets cyclists use the bus… More Cyclists aren’t allowed in the bus lane

London Skyride 2011

Yesterday saw over 55,000 cyclists ride along 7.2 miles of motorised vehicle free London roads. It’s a fantastic event that allows cyclists to see some of London’s greatest sites free from potentially dangerous traffic. Since the Skyride started in 2009 (then known as the London Freewheel) the numbers have never dipped below 50,000 cyclists taking… More London Skyride 2011

The legailty of Camera use

I often get the internet lawyer telling me that I’m braking several laws by videoing vehicles and posting videos of them, the drivers and the vehicles number plates online. As we all know, vehicle number plates are publicly viewable and identifies the car. We can use these to complain about the drivers behaviour. What we… More The legailty of Camera use