Limited road space

With road space being a limitation in-built up cities, selfish road users who slow everyone else down are becoming a real problem. Using the road two abreast, slowing others down, causing traffic etc….

Those bloody car drivers need to be sorted out. The two person wide vehicle which is often seen with only a driver, takes up more space than they need to on the roads. Thus causing traffic and preventing the faster moving road users on more suitable width vehicles from using the road as efficiently as they could do.

I always find it amusing when someone comments that cyclists hold up traffic and how they should all get cars. What they can’t see is that a bicycle is one less car, and a bike is a hell of a lot easier to overtake.

Who stole all the road space?

Above is the road space that 60 people require when traveling by bus, bicycle and car. Quite clearly the cars take up a hell of a lot more space, the bus takes up the least but all people most travel to the same dictation or stay on the bus till they get near to their destination. The bicycle takes up a little more than the bus but much less than the cars, users are able to travel to their destinations individually.

Why do we still cater for such inefficient private transportation in cities?

7 thoughts on “Limited road space

  1. In my home town of Southampton I did a few simple calculations when travelling by bus or car through our streets. During times of high congestion I worked out that we travelled at 12mph on average. Busy times where the traffic wasnt as stuck werent too different at 15mph. Only very late at night or middle of the day would traffic approach those speed limits of the streets you travel through.

    The only ones making any real, and constant progress were the motorcyclists and cyclists.In my view many motorists are living in a dystopia.

      1. Obviously I’d point out it doesnt stop the idiots gunning it when they see a bit of open road ahead of them… not that it ever gets them to their destination quicker (also factoring pedestrian lights, bends in the road and junctions).

  2. I think the space for bikes in the photo is a bit unrealistic. Where will you ever see that kind of density outside of a peloton? I think most commuters might not be very comfortable in such close quarters…

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