Standard Response

Complaining about anything these days just ends up with a standard response taken straight from the clipboard. Nothing personal in the response or anything relating back to the initial complaint. I complained via TFL about a dangerous bus overtake which ended up with me being forced to slow down to avoid being clipped by the… More Standard Response

Cyclist down in Croydon

A female cyclist and a car collided with each other on Croydon Road vs Nicholas road yesterday morning. The cyclist sustained leg and arm injuries and was taken to Croydon University Hospital. This stretch of road was changed several years ago. A two-way semi segregated, not maintained, cycle path was put next to the west… More Cyclist down in Croydon

This is madness

I’ve lived in Croydon for most of my life. As long as I can remember it has had bad press and thought of as a dangerous place. It’s not uncommon for there to be shootings and stabbings and a lot of it is gang related. What happened last night was truly shocking, there have been… More This is madness

Crazy Motorists!

I think it’s more just crazy people rather than motorists. But either way my interaction with them is whilst I’m on my bicycle and they are in their vehicle. They put me at risk by driving dangerously and their attitude towards other road users can be life threatening! In my books there are two kinds… More Crazy Motorists!