Make London’s streets safer

TFL and the Mayor have set out a plan to make London’s streets safer for cyclists.

  • Huge range of initiatives to improve conditions for cyclists across London
  • All highway maintenance firms working on London’s major roads agree to fit blind spot mirrors and detection equipment by the end of the year
  • Transport Commissioner tells haulage industry that more needs to be done and Mayor urges cyclists ‘stay safe, don’t stay next to a HGV’

Those are just the key points which appeared in a recent press release from TFL. But why haven’t TFL and the Mayor of London got off their backsides and done something about Blackfriars bridge? Something which thousands of cyclists have protested about over several months and one where no action has been taken to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians to use.

Why don’t TFL and the Mayor ban HGV’s from London during certain times, to try to prevent the majority of deaths!

Why did TFL and the Mayor decrease the congestion charge zone in the West of London? It needs to be increased to put people off driving into London each day when there are better options.

Whilst the Superhighways have seen a massive increase in cycling, the cycle lanes themselves are nothing new, a bit of blue paint and nothing else. Cyclists get no sort of priority, they are still bullied by other road users and KSI’s still happen.

Whilst the idea of making the streets safer in London is one that I will always back, TFL and the Mayor of recent have not shown a side of them which is positive.

One thought on “Make London’s streets safer

  1. London streets are safer, as long as you wrap yourself in a metal cage………I mean you have to understand that some people think it’s much more fun to spend 15 minutes standing on a train, get off and transfer to another train for another “fun” 15-20 minutes standing squashed against a door in some guy’s armpit all so they can get from home to work.
    But then if the high train fares always put you off you could just stomach the congestion charge, petrol and parking and then you can get to sit on your fat arse for an hour or so each morning – heck at least you get a seat.

    I for one prefer a cross between the two (with some improvements!) – travel times faster then public transport, guaranteed seat and a good workout so I don’t need my membership to a flashy gym just so I can stay fit 🙂

    I live in hope that one day we have a truly accessible city by bike, one that I wouldn’t be terrified to ride around with my kids. However I suspect I may never see this happen in my lifetime…..

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