Richard Duggan – Masterclass in how not to do journalism

Yesterday Richard Duggan posted an article about cyclists and how we are the most selfish and entitled road users in London. I believe Richard has achieved what he wanted to achieve. Views on his article. Todays journalism is all about clickbait, to get your pay check you need the business to make money and the… More Richard Duggan – Masterclass in how not to do journalism

Should sentencing be tougher?

Last week published a post about motoring offences and tougher sentencing. Certainly we can see from their post that there is such a variance in how offending motorists are changed in these cases. They touch on the fact that we need more than just tougher sentencing to drivers that show willful neglect to the… More Should sentencing be tougher?

A response to the LTDA, Taxi and Kamil

On the 30th of October 2018 issue 430 of Taxi was published. A ‘newspaper’ published by the LTDA for its members. Page 17 of that issue contains comments from taxi members, we will be looking at the comment from Kamil. GIVE CYCLE GAZ THE SLIP I was recently involved in altercation with Gareth Williams [pictured] known… More A response to the LTDA, Taxi and Kamil

What’s really going on at Southern?

The issues with Southern is really rather complex, so I’m going to have to break this down. The History The Franchise Trackside Issues DOO Staffing Issues The Unions The DFT The News and Politicians Summary The History Govia has been running the South Central service since 2001, renamed Southern in May 2004. They took over the service from Connex South… More What’s really going on at Southern?

Turning the corner

British Cycling launched the campaign #TurningTheCorner. A campaign to simplify the rules around turning at junctions, to make it safe for cyclists and pedestrians and to reduce casualties. I can’t fault the idea of making the roads safer. I’m 100% behind that. However I am concerned with how this is actually going to be implemented.… More Turning the corner